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报告人:田天海 教授 (华中师范大学)

报告题目:Sensitivity and Robustness Analysis for Stochastic biological models

报告摘要:The advances of systems biology have raised a large number of mathematical models for exploring the dynamic property of biological systems. A challenging issue in mathematical modeling is how to study the influence of parameter variation on system property. Robustness and sensitivity are two major measurements to describe the dynamic property of a system against the variation of model parameters. For stochastic models of discrete chemical reaction systems, this talk will discuss an integrated framework to study these two properties for a biological system simultaneously.

报告人概况:田天海,华中师范大学教授。在基因网络和细胞信号传导等生物系统的随机建模,随机动力系统的数值模拟,模型参数估计,和统计分析与计算等方向开展过很多有创新意义的工作,并取得了较多的研究成果。发表90多篇学术论文, 其中有50篇学术论文被SCI收录,被他人SCI引用1400多次。



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